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Details of the EMCC Thames Valley Group group meeting 25th September 2017

  I am delighted to have Judy James attending our network event and she will provide a CPD workshop on: Working with Emotion – Fostering Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Workplace Well-being. A basic understanding of emotion, emotional reactions and interpersonal dynamics at work are essential attributes for coaching professionals: This 2 hour session will explore that notion […]


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EMCC Member Benefits

One of the highlights of EMCC activities is the annual International Coaching and Mentoring conference. This was held last year in Edinburgh and majored on the theme of “Professionalising Your Practice” and included 40 sessions addressing the streams of Competence, Results and Practice. Recognising that many EMCC members are unable to make the event, Lis […]


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EMCC Thames Valley Network Group

I am incredibly excited about working with my colleague and peer coach, Dr Ranjit Manghnani who runs Guru Coaching and taking on the role to manager and run the EMCC Thames Valley Network Group. The EMCC exists to develop, promote and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe and […]


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Self-Assessment and Reflective Practice for coaching.

Adult learning is about reflecting on activity and event, using experience, judgement and feedback from you and others to help consider options and then plan actions. Self-assessment and a regular practice of reflecting on and in action can lead to performance improvement, a change of habit and a more fulfilling journey of development for the […]


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Head Teachers on the frontline – can coaching help?

Pressure on school leaders has never been greater – with complaints that new accountability measures do not take into account the time needed to boost results. The news this week that a survey of school governors has reported 43 per cent have had trouble recruiting senior staff, with head hunting firms being called in to […]


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Leadership Coaching for Head Teachers

Coaching is central to current thinking about leadership within the education environment. But what exactly is coaching and how does it apply specifically to schools and to head teachers in particular when it comes to leadership? Paul Lefebvre (in Downey, 2001) illustrates the coaching process when he points out that: “In the sixteenth century, the English […]


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Coaching v mentoring: what works best for teachers?

At some point in their career, chances are a teacher will undergo a program of mentoring. This may arise during their time as a PGCE student, as a newly qualified teacher (NQT) or after a promotion within the education system. However, not many working within the education field can say they have been “coached” and […]


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Coaching for teachers sets them on the way to improvement

A school in Iowa in the USA is showing how coaching for teachers can be a valued and integral part of daily activity within the education environment. Tucked away in an office off the main hallway in Cardinal High School in Ottumwa, three women are changing methods of teaching within the school district. Sheila Fetter, Jenny […]


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Leadership coaching in higher education

In an interesting article for the Huffington Post psychologist and leadership coach Beth Weinstock talks about the pressures which come with promotion for those working within higher education. As Weinstock says, any shift in role involves more than just adding additional tasks to the normal daily routine. It also involves the newly promoted person having […]


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