Team Coaching

Coaching and training services to support the development of your high performing leaders to work collectively as a high performing team

Powerful interventions that support organisations to get the best possible performance from their inspirational leaders

Prof Peter Hawkins Systemic Team Coaching

We are all aware of the benefit of working as a team. The reality is that many teams deliver only a small percentage of their potential.

To get the full value of a team, where real improvements are seen and where achievements are delivered with greater efficiency, effectiveness and rapidity, the right conditions need to be in place.

Many organisations are working with executive coaches to support management and leadership teams to perform at the highest possible level.

Our team development coaching provision can help support your organisation to put in place the correct methods and systems that ensure real synergy takes place and that your teams are able to deliver and exceed on expectations.

Founded on the systemic team coaching methods of Professor Peter Hawkins, our team coaching programmes ensure five key components are in place that enable successful teams to operate.

Building on the foundations of this model, we help develop the skills and techniques of your team to develop excellence in:

Our intervention is provided as a series of interactive and work-based workshops where real opportunities for improvement are identified and effective teams are developed from selected participants.

The delivery combines coaching, skills development and supervision to enable the selected team to thrive and develop and deliver on its core objective by creating the conditions for optimum performance.

Once implemented, a team lead can oversee the continual excellence of each team using a six-lens view that ensures an effective and systemic approach to projects.

The Six Lenses Of Systemic Team Coaching

Coaching in its purist form is a process where a coach works on specific topics and themes toward performance improvement however, coaching themes and topics emerge that drift into a wider context than just the immediate coach and coachee environment.

The conversations we have and the players involved within the stories and narratives we share will drift into wider areas such as a personal interactions, the effect of the actions on our loved ones, our work colleagues, our line manager, our department, our organisation, our clients, our wider stakeholder community.

Systemic coaching considers the coach and client activities from a wider lens. Systemic team coaching follows the same dynamic and supports our teams to consider and then influence interaction and effect over the six lenses of systemic team coaching.


Supervision on a 1-1 or group basis is the formal opportunity for coaches working with clients to share, in confidence, their case load activity to gain insight, support and direction for themselves and thereby enabling them to better work in the service of their clients.   “The Association of Coaching Supervisors”.

Our team coaching services are supported by team, team leader and 1:1 team participant supervision interaction that enable the participants to become truly effective.