Midlife Crisis…. What Crisis?

We provide a range of support services to help clients move toward successful journeys filled with opportunity and personal fulfilment in later years.

The Midlife Opportunity

The idea that midlife heralds the start of decline, and that acceptance of growing limitations is the only mature way to deal with aging is still the mainstream way of dealing with midlife, however, midlife is exciting because it is a time when people have the opportunity to re-examine even their most basic assumptions and take advantage of the gift that the 20th Century gave us; an extra three years of life expectancy for each decade of that century.

“The midlife years can be a period of unprecedented opportunity for inner growth.”
Harvard Business Review, Feb 2008

Why clients reach out to us

  • Overall unhappiness with life
  • A feeling of boredom and discontentment towards people or things, that earlier brought contentment to life
  • Feeling suffocated and tied down by family commitments
  • Seeking adventure in life, with an urge to do something different
  • Questioning decisions made years ago
  • Developing a feeling of insecurity
  • Doubting one’s identity
  • Feeling stressed and going through anxiety symptoms and depression
  • Low in self esteem
  • Wondering which decisions to take in the future
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of doing all that has to be done
  • Questioning the true meaning of life
  • Fearful of old age and mortality
  • Feeling the current job is very boring and wanting to quit working
  • Making impetuous decisions about career and financial investments

Above all, our clients are looking for support to help stimulate change. We act as their thinking partner.

Our Solutions

We have a range of intervention methods that have been designed from our extensive interactions accumulated over 10 years of active experience of supporting clients make significant and life changing decisions toward their successful aging preferences.

1:1 online coaching

Online group coaching circles

Group workshops

The online coaching and group coaching circles are delivered through 6 x 90 minute sessions covering:

The group workshops follow a similar theme and can be provided as a series of workshops or as an extended three-day retreat.

Our methodology combines action-based learning, self-reflection, supportive tools and inter session activities that support participants to build an action plan for change leading to improvement in well-being, positivity, and purpose.

Midlife Coaching that Delivers:

A clearer future that includes positivity, agency, and purpose to help you thrive into the next phase of your life, helping you through the period now referred to as:

Middlescence (Noun)

The middle-age period of life, especially when considered a difficult time of self-doubt and readjustment.

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