About Us

Our Approach

Led by Tim Anderson, a specialist coach with more than 30 years experience, Sales Improvement Services is a consultancy practice supporting professional organisations, and those working within them, to meet their respective goals.

We provide these services through a range of professional support methods including coaching, consultancy and action based learning, all measured against pre determined business objectives. Our clients range from start-ups, SME’s, education providers, charities, and medium-sized professional organisations.

  1. Our Vision

    Is to be the leading supplier of action based learning and development services to professional organisations within the UK.

  2. Our Mission

    Is to support senior executives, business owners and line managers with modern day business skills to help them survive, develop and prosper in the digital age.

  3. Our Values

    Are to be fully inclusive of our clients, staff and partners ensuring we deliver our services regardless of diversity or gender and above all to be:

    • Transparent in our decision making
    • Honest and fair
    • Supportive when helping our clients meet their full potential
    • Reliable in our services to our clients.

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