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How to sustain a coaching culture

Over the past 6-7 years I have been involved with several projects where implementing a coaching and mentoring programme have delivered some great results. During a similar period I have witnessed and have had described to me numerous stories where great examples of coaching and mentoring schemes are delivering real differences to people’s lives and […]


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What now for SME’s with no government support.

News Update: 23 May 2012:  £200 million programme delivers growth support for England’s most ambitious small businesses. (Source:https://www.gov.uk/government/news/growthaccelerator-for-small-businesses)  Growth Accelerator has launched today, designed to help up to 26,000 of England’s brightest businesses achieve their ambition and potential. The new partnership between the government and the private sector will see proven business experts working with companies to […]


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3 tips to keep your employees happy

When it comes to the current uncertain economic landscape one thing which is vital for any business is ensuring your employees are happy. Loyal and engaged employees work for the company and profits tend to be higher. Conversely, if employees are unhappy or feel undervalued, they are unmotivated and profits can suffer. Studies also show […]


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Micromanaging kills workplace culture

If you want your business to be successful then you need to realise that your staff are your most important asset and you need to develop a healthy workplace culture. Developing leadership skills for owners and senior managers is vital when it comes to protecting and developing this asset. A motivated and enthusiastic workforce’s value is […]


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Can B2B coaching really make an impact in sales?

High performing companies use B2B coaching between 15 and 20% more than organisations with low performing teams. The claim comes in an article in the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management’s magazine Winning Edge and highlights a growing trend for employing the services of a professional coach to help with staff retention and other aspects of […]


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Coaching can help with staff retention

Using a professional business coach is one option companies suffering from a high staff turnover should be considering to aid staff retention. While 70% of managers believe employees leave a company because of pay-related reasons, according to strategic planning consultant Leigh Branham, 88% of people leave for seven main reasons: Employees feel the job or […]



6 things high performing sales teams have in common

As in our previous article ‘If your sales team can’t develop, how can your business grow?’ – the most effective way of ensuring your business succeeds is to have a motivated staff. If your sales team is not motivated and empowered to produce results, then it’s simple, they won’t. But finding a method to develop […]


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Build better relationships with key stakeholders

When we talk about business coaching, it’s important to remember that the knowledge and skills gained is not only for internal benefit, but also external; enabling you to build positive working relationships with your key stakeholders. Stakeholders can also benefit from introducing a coaching culture into a business. A key stakeholder is generally considered to […]


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Coaching for SMEs can help with staff retention

It’s sometimes difficult for SMEs to recruit and retain staff when they have to compete with larger organisations who are able to offer higher wages and more incentives. Traditionally these larger firms have been able to take the pick of the university graduates with competitive salaries and exciting benefits to woo the best talent no […]


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