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Ideas for helping your team consistently work at peak performance.

How can supervision support your organisation? One of the biggest challenges I come across when talking with senior leaders and business owners is the ability of their managers to consistently perform at their peak. The organisations have invested thousands of pounds in training and development but often wonder why they are not seeing the investment […]


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Increasing Executive Presence might be the key to leadership success

Taking on a new role, increased scope in an existing role, operating in a constantly changing competitive environment – all of these are next level situations for senior managers and leaders according to Scott Eblin in his book, The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success. He describes managing at the next level and […]



How to sustain a coaching culture

Over the past 6-7 years I have been involved with several projects where implementing a coaching and mentoring programme have delivered some great results. During a similar period I have witnessed and have had described to me numerous stories where great examples of coaching and mentoring schemes are delivering real differences to people’s lives and […]


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Will next year deliver more of the same or are you looking for something better?

  Do you recall the character that Bill Murray plays in the movie Groundhog Day, cynical and grumpy weather forecaster Phil Connors finds himself trapped in a time loop while covering the ritual of Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, until he learns that he must change his behaviour, the days just keep repeating themselves. I draw […]


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Self-Assessment and Reflective Practice for coaching.

Adult learning is about reflecting on activity and event, using experience, judgement and feedback from you and others to help consider options and then plan actions. Self-assessment and a regular practice of reflecting on and in action can lead to performance improvement, a change of habit and a more fulfilling journey of development for the […]


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Why create a coaching culture?

With so much noise surrounding coaching these days it is hard to distinguish between good practice within coaching and mentoring and interventions that are merely responding to a fashionable trend. Coaching has grown of age over the past 30 years, with many organisations using both internal coaches and mentors, as well as using external experts […]



3 tips to keep your employees happy

When it comes to the current uncertain economic landscape one thing which is vital for any business is ensuring your employees are happy. Loyal and engaged employees work for the company and profits tend to be higher. Conversely, if employees are unhappy or feel undervalued, they are unmotivated and profits can suffer. Studies also show […]


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