3 tips to keep your employees happy

When it comes to the current uncertain economic landscape one thing which is vital for any business is ensuring your employees are happy. Loyal and engaged employees work for the company and profits tend to be higher. Conversely, if employees are unhappy or feel undervalued, they are unmotivated and profits can suffer. Studies also show […]


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Coaching for SMEs can help with staff retention

It’s sometimes difficult for SMEs to recruit and retain staff when they have to compete with larger organisations who are able to offer higher wages and more incentives. Traditionally these larger firms have been able to take the pick of the university graduates with competitive salaries and exciting benefits to woo the best talent no […]


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Leadership coaching in higher education

In an interesting article for the Huffington Post psychologist and leadership coach Beth Weinstock talks about the pressures which come with promotion for those working within higher education. As Weinstock says, any shift in role involves more than just adding additional tasks to the normal daily routine. It also involves the newly promoted person having […]


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