How well is your organisation using IT resources?

As part of my consultancy work with Blue Saffron, a specialist managed IT service provider, I have been asked to set up our support division to the Charity Sector and it was in that capacity that I attended an interesting event held by the Charity Finance Group this week. Blue Saffron are keen to participate […]

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EMCC Member Benefits

One of the highlights of EMCC activities is the annual International Coaching and Mentoring conference. This was held last year in Edinburgh and majored on the theme of “Professionalising Your Practice” and included 40 sessions addressing the streams of Competence, Results and Practice. Recognising that many EMCC members are unable to make the event, Lis […]

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How does Well-Being play a role in modern leadership?

I was forwarded an interesting article recently on Well Being and began to read with my normal amount of skepticism on the subject, eat less, take more time off, be careful how much alcohol you consume….however the article posed an interesting concept of well-being as a skill and not just a mind-set. The link provided […]

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How will the changes to data protection affect you?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will give people more control over their personal information when it is passed into law in 2018, this will supersede the current UK’s outdated Data Protection Act, which was drafted way back in the 1990’s. Whilst a good thing for us as consumers, what challenges might these changes mean to your organisation? In […]

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Developing a coaching and mentoring culture can support SME’s with staff recruitment and retention.

    One of the biggest challenges my clients face today is the difficulty in recruiting and retaining good quality staff that will help them to grow their businesses. It’s  difficult for SMEs to recruit and retain staff when they have to compete with larger organisations that are able to offer higher wages and more […]

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Details of the EMCC Thames Valley Group group meeting 6th February 2017

    I am delighted to have Sheila Stokes White attending and she will provide a CPD event on ‘The Ethical Mentor – Creating and developing the ethical environment’ This workshop will introduce some of the ethical challenges and dilemmas which face us all and provide tools to address these issues in organisational practice. Drawing […]

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Will next year deliver more of the same or are you looking for something better?

  Do you recall the character that Bill Murray plays in the movie Groundhog Day, cynical and grumpy weather forecaster Phil Connors finds himself trapped in a time loop while covering the ritual of Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, until he learns that he must change his behaviour, the days just keep repeating themselves. I draw […]

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The EMCC International launch new accreditation for coaching and mentoring programmes.

International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes It is fantastic news that EMCC International has launched its new accreditation, the International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes (ISMCP). This new award recognises organisations designing, delivering and evaluating mentoring and/or coaching programmes either in-house or externally. It has been designed as a process to support an […]

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EMCC Thames Valley Network meeting 21st November

 EMCC Thames Valley Network meeting 21st November  Agenda   I am happy to share the outline for the forthcoming meeting on the 21st November. As well as a chance to network with peer coaches, mentors and supervisors, we are delighted to have in attendance Dr Julie Haddock-Millar who will talk about the  launch of the […]

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