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3 tips to keep your employees happy

When it comes to the current uncertain economic landscape one thing which is vital for any business is ensuring your employees are happy. Loyal and engaged employees work for the company and profits tend to be higher. Conversely, if employees are unhappy or feel undervalued, they are unmotivated and profits can suffer. Studies also show […]


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Micromanaging kills workplace culture

If you want your business to be successful then you need to realise that your staff are your most important asset and you need to develop a healthy workplace culture. Developing leadership skills for owners and senior managers is vital when it comes to protecting and developing this asset. A motivated and enthusiastic workforce’s value is […]


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Coaching can help with staff retention

Using a professional business coach is one option companies suffering from a high staff turnover should be considering to aid staff retention. While 70% of managers believe employees leave a company because of pay-related reasons, according to strategic planning consultant Leigh Branham, 88% of people leave for seven main reasons: Employees feel the job or […]