Setting up Emotion Focus was a huge undertaking, but Tim Anderson’s expertise and mentoring support enabled me to break the project down into manageable chunks and create the infrastructure to make it happen. Tim’s guidance using the Business Model Canvas approach made it easier to align key components such as partners, activities and resources to the value proposition. As such, I didn’t just learn how to do it, but also the what and why. Tim partnered me in my thinking and cascaded his vast knowledge and business experience to inspire me with new ways of working that undoubtedly helped me maintain direction and motivation. The best part was that I felt I could always trust his advice and guidance. I can’t speak highly enough of this mentoring experience. I would recommend Tim Anderson both as a coach and mentor to anyone starting out or at any stage of business development.

Judy James - Creator and Consultant at Emotion Focus. www.emotionfocus.co.uk

I found Tim's mentoring approach to be a perfect combination of providing support and encouragement as well as challenge and sound critique when needed. I felt that as a result of our sessions I became equipped with the tools to take my consultancy forward. Most importantly, I really enjoyed the structured approach and the fact using tools such as Business Canvas we went methodically from my ideas to actionable steps, flagging up any issues along the way I should be aware of. I found Tim to be very approachable and generous with his knowledge and his mentoring is already making a difference to the way I approach my side business.

Dr Ania Gruszczynska - Director, PhD Career Coach. phdcareercoach.co/

Tim has a wealth of experience from a number of different fields which he uses with effect in his workshops. He challenges you to think about the impact coaching has on you, your colleagues and your organisation. I can't wait to use the skills I have learned in practice

Nicola Partridge - Deputy Headteacher, Buckinghamshire Secondary PRU.

The Growth Accelerator programme has helped me initially clarify a vision for the company and helped craft a plan that has accelerated both my understanding of where Edge Gain is heading and how we are going to get there. Tim has challenged my thinking and supported the early stages of growth. I look forward to the meetings and clarity each session brings. Tim has helped me prioritise and at times keep sane. I would recommend the programme based upon my experiences to anyone hoping to clarify what their business is and figure out how best to move it forward.

Greg Hodgson - Founder and CEO, Edge Gain

The coaching training sessions run by Tim have been thought-provoking and interesting and have provided stimulus for reconsidering different ways in which both individuals and the institution can be developed. It’s become clear that the coaching model can be used to encourage more creative, evaluative and independent thinking and can also be used to support an ongoing climate of active thinking and professional development.

Sarah Holding - Deputy Head, The Wycombe Grange

Our directors are unpaid volunteers who see how beneficial Greencare is to people with complex needs and want to make the services financially sustainable and to expand – but we all have limited time and business skills! Tim is helping us focus on what is needed to achieve our short and medium term aims and is showing us how structured business plans can support that process. He is an enormous asset to our team: keeping us on track with our business planning whilst still being sympathetic to our aims and understanding of our needs.

Vanessa Jones - Growing Better Lives

As a team, we are extremely committed and passionate about the work we do. We know that it could help so many people who either ‘fall through the gaps’ in all the local services, or end up with ‘mental illnesses’ and ‘psychiatric careers’ that could have been prevented. We have the knowledge, skills and experience between us to deliver an excellent programme. But we do not have the business background or understanding to turn that into a viable social enterprise – and, at long last, it feels like things are turning round. Tim is really helping us to do what we need to turn our ideas into a reality.

Dr Rex Haigh - Growing Better Lives

The mentoring provided by Tim was fantastic. He was able to adapt the course to facilitate our needs, and provide guidance on all areas in question. It was clear that Tim had both a great understanding and real passion for mentoring. Following the training, we were able to implement new procedures, allowing us to give more structure to our mentoring and support both the team and young people in achieving their goals.

Jen Lambert - General Manager, Wycombe Youth Action.

I found the structured elements to mentoring training the most useful to learn about – in particular, the different models you can use. I feel that this training gave me more ideas and versatility towards mentoring, which will be utilised within my upcoming peer-mentoring project.

Lindsay Horler - Project Officer, Wycombe Youth Action .